Let Your Bieber Flag Fly

It’s time to openly acknowledge that you like Justin Bieber’s music.

For many of us the jig has been up for a while now. However, I still see some of you fighting your truth.

Stop being ashamed that you’re a Belieber

No more grooving to the song when you first hear it, and turning it off as soon as you find out it’s the Biebs.

His fourth studio album ‘Purpose’ is not only catchy, it also has some substance to it. Closet Bieber fan, I’m giving you permission to come out.

The pleasure is no longer guilty.

Props to Bieber for making the “Justin Transition”

Justin Timberlake had it a little easier because he had the ability to leave Nsync and reinvent after going solo. Bieber had to transform without being able to easily distance himself from himself.

The marketer in me wonders if Justin Bieber’s wild period wasn’t somehow orchestrated to separate him from his squeaky clean kid image.

Regardless, it worked.

I’m a Justin Bieber fan.

As long as he keeps making good music and leaves those N-bombs alone (for the record you only get one pass), I’m rocking with him.

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