March 22, 2023

DJ Graffiti on Outlets – Hint: You’ll Never View Outlets the Same Way Again

(This was originally shared on LinkedIn) I feel judged. Why are my outlets looking at me like they’re shocked and appalled?
March 22, 2023

Navigating DEI in Plain Language: “Meet people where they are, but take them where they need to be.”

Shared from Lily Zheng: The older White man sitting next to me on the plane had that morning’s Wall Street Journal open to an article titled, […]
March 17, 2023

Join DJ Graffiti’s UPLIFT Live Weekend Kickoff!

(This was originally shared on LinkedIn) DJ Graffiti LIVE – Weekend Kickoff! Join here: #djgraffiti #uplift #music #virtualevents #linkedinlive
March 15, 2023

DJ Graffiti asks How to Serve Clients & Community Better!

(This was originally shared on LinkedIn) Quick question… How can I serve you better? #djgraffiti #corporateevents #virtualevents #eventprofs #community #music