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Shout Out from DJ Graffiti: How the Quality of Culture Earned Finastra Top 50 Fintech CEO 3 Consecutive Times!!!

(This was originally shared on LinkedIn)

I can predict company culture in only a few hours at nearly 100% accuracy. Here’s how…

Recently, I woke up at 2:30am — raspy voice and puffy eyed — to celebrate Finastra for their FY24 Global Kickoff live from Lisbon.

The day after I got this message from CEO Simon Paris:

“We loved having you on the show, in our events and you earned a special place in our hearts and minds. Keep rolling with your infectious talent!”

(I’m not crying, I swear!)

Karen Quinn wrote:

“You are quite the talk of Finastra. Well done on the epic performance, your energy was so infectious. I just read the event chat log and people LOVED you!”

Stefan Kollros, DES took time in the middle of the show to send this:

“Just a quick thank you for rocking our event!”

Then this happened…

The next day, Simon was selected as a Top 50 Fintech CEO of 2023

For the THIRD consecutive time…

He responded, “Finastra picked up the award as the #7 Financial Technology CEO in the world… this is an award for you all!”

Never once did HE take credit.

The quality of a company’s culture is a direct reflection of how its people treat people.

Kindness, empathy and generosity of time are clear predictors.

I asked Simon how he’ll celebrate the win?

“I think I’ll celebrate by booking you already for next year’s GKO – what a great job you did!”

Finastra thanks for having me!!

I can’t wait to do it again!

AND CONGRATS!!! — Three years in a row is not an accident!

S/O: Klaus, Sirita, Jacqui, Jake, Sylvie, Joerg, Carly, Margaret

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