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Are hybrid events on their way out?

A year ago everyone was talking about how hybrid events were the future. Attitudes seem to have soured. I commented on a post by Daphne Hoppenot, Founder of event professionals platform The Vendry, about why. Do you agree?

“If done properly a hybrid event is actually 2 events. A planner went from one set of headaches to two (or more).”

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I’ve been known to write a blog post in social media comments. This one seemed worthy of becoming an actual blog post. I’ve pasted Daphne’s post below if you’d like context.

My comment about why planners grimace at the thought of hybrid events:

If done properly a hybrid event is actually 2 events. A planner went from one set of headaches to two (or more). Initially at least, that deserves a grimace!😒

BUT, for producers and planners in touch with what they contribute to the bottom line, this should be an opportunity for a raise in support of the additional responsibility & ROI.

Organizations as a whole need to understand the value of ‘hybrid’. Events used to be mainly bottom of funnel, but with hybrid/virtual you can also serve the middle and top of the funnel.

For vendors like me (a DJ who is also a lawyer & marketing agency CEO), my value skyrocketed because I’m one of the only DJs thinking about how my virtual parties contribute to the broader strategic goals. I charge accordingly and planners/producers should too! 😁 Most importantly, I do everything I can to reduce that grimace. 💪🏾

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Are Hybrid Events actually desired by event planners or attendees?

Event planning isn’t easy. Hybrid is harder.

It’s not like pulling off a successful event in person wasn’t hard enough. Add management of an additional virtual component with worldwide attendees deserves a grimace!

Music heals.

On top of having two spaces to manage, it’s harder to keep people’s attention when they’re not in the same physical space. You’re much less likely to get up and walk out of a physical event than you are to click away from a video presentation when you’re bored.

When you’re burned out from week after week of Zoom calls, it’s hard to sit in one place and watch a screen. That’s the #1 reason my clients hire me to spice up their virtual events and conferences: music heals. The comments I see most at the end of my virtual celebrations are, “I didn’t know a virtual party could be this fun” and “I didn’t know how much I needed this.”

Check out a sample of what I do and see for yourself! 🎶

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