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DJ Graffiti Live @ Manychat Conversations in Austin TX

I’ve been slacking on getting up new content of me mixing live. Here’s a short clip of me warming up the crowd for Manychat’s Conversations Conference in Austin on September 13, 2019. It was 108 degrees and I had a huge fan pointing at me, so I’m sorry the audio has some wind noise.

Youtube decided it doesn’t like me playing such great music for you. (Actually some of the artists I played didn’t give copyright permission to Youtube.) So, to watch you’ll need to register with name and email to be my personal guest attendee…

Something many people don’t know is that I hardly ever have a full set prepared in advance. I go into each event by researching who will be attending, but while spinning I’m searching my library for the next song based on the feedback I get from the audience. As I get more in tune with the crowd I’m looking less at my computer and get to the point where I know what I’ll be playing 4 songs from now. That’s when it really gets fun. 🙂

Things at this event actually got MUCH more exciting after sunset. I’ll try to share some of that footage (recorded on a different camera) later.

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