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DJ Graffiti & Alley Bar Donation to Houston Hurricane Harvey

Donation to Help Houston Hurricane Relief

DJ Graffiti & Alley Bar Donation to Houston Hurricane Harvey

On Wednesday August 28th, 2017 we turned my weekly Wednesday night DJ residence at the Alley Bar in Ann Arbor into a fundraiser for Houston hurricane Harvey relief. The crowd donated $203.60 in my tip jar (actually $198.60 cash and $5 Venmo).

I agreed beforehand to match any tip donations and Robbie, one of the Alley Bar owners agreed to match the donations too.

After the tip jar started to overflow, it hit me that I didn’t cap my matching. I started sweating a little… but then I thought, you never hear stories of people becoming homeless because they gave too much to help. Thank you all for being generous–and for letting me keep a roof over my head!

The donations went to support Keshia Thomas‘ efforts, an Ann Arbor, Michigan born social justice activist. You may already know her from an iconic picture taken back in 1996.

Today, Keshia lives in Houston and is on the ground making sure people in need get food and clothes. If you’d like to support, you can donate to her via Paypal.

Response from KeshiaWe actually ended up raising a total of  $814.40 because Robbie also personally matched the donations himself.

I’m looking forward to doing impromptu fundraisers like this more often. It’s cool that we can all throw in a little bit and make an impact. Plus, it feels good to look out for someone other than yourself.

One last thing though… how come ya’ll aren’t this generous with my tips on normal weeks? 😉

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