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ManyChat Conversations Virtual Conference 2020

In the heart of the COVID-19 lockdown, ManyChat’s parties became a highlight of the virtual conference, drawing more (paying!) attendees each day.


October 2020




Virtual Conference

01 Problem

On Day 1 of the event there was a 3 hour tech outage because the virtual platform wasn’t stress tested to handle thousands of attendees.

02 Approach

Although the content was AMAZING, spirits were deflated somewhat by the technical difficulties. After a final decision not to cancel the remainder of day 1, DJ Graffiti was given the main stage to turn things around.

03 Solution

The events that followed became legendary and birthed my interactive style of DJing virtual events. I partied together ‘with’ guests throughout the world, reading the chat, giving shout outs and taking requests.

Testimonial from Tamilla, Head of Events

Following the conference, Tamilla emailed me saying, “You were the star of Conversations.” I asked her to record a few words about what I contributed to the event. Here’s the recording…

Social Media Engagement

Leonardo’s Shoutout

Leonardo tuned into the party with his family. His dad Ivan dropped a message into the chat and I gave him a shout out. You can hear his mom saying in Spanish, “He said your name little man!”

After the event, Ivan shared this video with me on Facebook. It made my day and shows the extended benefits of attending virtual parties from home.

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