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Why Event Planners Book Me

People often ask why I went to Law School and Business School at University of Michigan (GO BLUE!) but chose to run a marketing agency and DJ?

Everything I’ve done contributes to who I am and the value I aim to provide. I wrote this for my LinkedIn profile, but felt like it’s also worth sharing here. After you read, let me know if it all makes more sense?


“As a DJ, I’ve performed on stages with Eminem, Beyoncé, Big Sean, Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg and many others. Want to know how?

I understood my customer.

My real audience wasn’t the crowds I was playing for. Those who hired me were nightclub promoters and concert venues looking for ways to sell more tickets. I built a huge email list that helped me contribute to their goals. From there, I could get on just about any show I wanted.

Soon, I was voted Best DJ in Detroit and became a go-to DJ internationally for concerts, clubs and brand events. Most didn’t see my business & law degrees in the back of my crates. 😉

Sure, I’m a good DJ, some have even called me a legend. The truth is, many are more talented. I win because I still realize who I’m actually here to serve.

Most artists strive to shine personally. My goal is making event organizers look like rockstars and feel like they’re on vacation.

DJ Graffiti

As a DJ, playing music that resonates with the audience is table stakes. It’s required, but it’s not the main deliverable.

I get booked because I’m able to engage audiences and get them fired up to receive whatever comes next. Guests can’t stop talking about how amazing the events are, and I do my best to make sure they share that on social media.

I’ve stacked the deck so my clients can’t help but love me. 😍😁 Our values are aligned.

Move the needle.
– Martin aka DJ Graffiti

PS: Want me at your next event? Grab this pdf for full info and to check availability.”

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