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January 14, 2020
March 19, 2021
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DJ Streams Unite International Audiences Despite Social Distancing

Live DJ sessions during the coronavirus lockdown have been some of the most fulfilling experiences of my career. That’s coming from a DJ who’s shared stages with clients such as Jay-Z, Big Sean, Beyoncé, Questlove and Dave Chappelle!

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DJ Jazzy Jeff & DJ Graffiti

My biggest inspiration, Jazzy Jeff. Grateful he recovered from coronavirus!

My heart goes out to everyone dealing with COVID-19, whose jobs and businesses have been impacted and especially those with lost loved ones.

The gratitude in my heart for hospital staff, delivery people, sanitation workers and everyone courageously staring danger in the face for our benefit is beyond what I can express!

It feels insensitive to acknowledge what’s going on and abruptly transition, but my goal is to lift spirits and maybe even help you forget the pandemic, if only for an hour or two.

Let’s recharge together.

Locked-in But Not Locked Out

Most of my time is spent running my digital marketing agency Overflow. After graduating Business and Law School and becoming a husband and father, I’ve become protective of my “free” time, so I don’t get to DJ as much as I’d like.

Imagine this kind of energy, streaming through your phone… (Photo by Doug Coombe)

During this quarantine, I’ve discovered I can step into my basement and create a global event in minutes.

My live DJ sets are uniting people worldwide through music. I play 3 public sets weekly, broadcast simultaneously on Facebook, YouTube and Twitch. Last night, listeners checked in throughout the US, Brazil, New Zealand and Ireland. Those were just the ones that left comments!

Multiple camera angles provide a close-up view of the action, and I respond to comments on the mic, so there’s more interaction than a normal in person DJ event. I’ll even entertain requests (as long as they’re good ones 😂)!

I’ve never heard so many people say, “You don’t know how much I needed this!” and “Can we do this every week?” The answer is yes, I plan to keep this going even once restrictions are lifted.

Live show crowd at a DJ Graffiti event

What a DJ Graffiti event used to look like before COVID-19.

DJ Graffiti Live Stream Schedule

  • Follow my Facebook page to be notified when I go live.
  • Wednesday 9-11pm: “Alley Bar We Miss You” (Online version of my weekly residency.)
  • Friday 9-11pm: “Friday Night Live” (Throwback jams galore.)
  • Sunday 9-10pm: “Safe Retreat” (Praise, Prayers & Party)

Live DJ for Virtual Corporate Parties

Snoop Doggy Dogg and DJ Graffiti

I’ve performed with Snoop Dogg and love doing virtual events just as much. I even smile more! 😁

Organizations hire me to DJ & host private virtual events for their staff and clients. The incredible parties lift spirits and boost morale.

I provide a private link with streaming HD video and live chat. All you have to do is invite your team and show up. The level of 2-way interaction is unlike anything I’ve experienced. And I promise I smile more than in this photo with the legendary Snoop Dogg (where I was trying to look hard). Fun fact: Snoop’s dad is in the background, he lives in Detroit.

Guests leave comments like, “This was the best Monday EVER!” The live events also generate a social stream of posts, shares, photos, watch parties and even videos as people party with my video on their screens!

One of my clients, Duo Security, has given permission to share footage from their recent “Virtual Disco” event.

Duo’s Global Event Planner, Emily Boring, teared up when a remote staff member messaged to say he was hesitant to attend, but the party ended up as one of his most memorable moments at the company. It was the first time he felt fully included, as everyone was sharing the same remote experience.

DJ Graffiti Live Virtual Event Sample

Thanks to Duo Security for letting me share this with you. Scroll under the video for a play-by-play Table of Contents:

Live DJ Stream Screenshots

Photos event guests shared of themselves dancing to the live stream.

“Behind the Scenes” breakdown of this video:

  • I love when I can feel people’s energy. It starts a little slow since you’re seeing me before people enter the “room”, but notice how the excitement builds at 2:25 as comments start to roll in!
  • The event kicks off with a disco tribute to Duo, affectionately called Disco following their 2018 acquisition by Cisco
  • On screen rotating photos feature Duo’s co-founders posing at a past event with my equipment
  • 27 mins. – I transition to other types of popular music
  • 33 mins. – Duo, a digital security company, has created an unofficial tagline that celebrates Jay-Z’s song: “I’ve got 99 problems but a breach ain’t one.”
  • 35:40 – I spotted a request for “Beyoncé’s Single Ladies”. Only later did I realize it was from the CEO’s daughter. Glad I managed to work that one in! 😁

The Perfect Match

I’m excited to work with more companies to leverage my digital marketing agency’s background with social marketing, design and live audio/video. The on screen branding options are limitless. I’m currently building an integrated green screen video backdrop.

If you have ideas for ways to make the live events even more dynamic, I’d love to hear them.

Virtual Event Types: Employee Experience & Client Appreciation

Performing with ?uestlove of the Roots (Also drummer for The Roots, the Tonight Show Band)

Some of the online sessions I’ve found to work most successfully are:

  • Lunch Hour
  • Happy Hour (last hour of the workday)
  • Team Building/Late Party (around 9 pm, once younger kids are in bed)

Even at the late parties I’ve noticed many people are partying with their kids, so I play family friendly music unless requested otherwise.

What about after coronavirus?

I’m excited about the possibilities for these virtual events. As a technology gear head, I’m swimming in ideas to increase the production value and make the events even more interactive once access to the outside world reopens.

If quarantine leads to many working from home, the need for personal connection will only increase. Offering a fun way to unite people worldwide, without the expense of flights or hotel rooms is right on time!

Please stop by to one of my live sessions and “check-in” with a comment. Know of companies that might be interested? Contact me.

In case you missed it, here’s a recap of my public weekly DJ schedule.

Catch a DJ Graffiti Live Stream

  • Like my page at https://facebook.com/djgraffiti to be notified when I go live.
  • Wednesday 9-11pm: “Alley Bar in Exile”
  • Friday 9-11pm: “Friday Night Live” (An throwback jam party.)
  • Sunday 9-10pm: “Safe Retreat” (Recharge your spirit with Praise, Prayers & Party!)

Be safe and healthy,
– Martin aka DJ Graffiti