Since he began DJing professionally in 1997, DJ Graffiti aka “The Mangler” has become Detroit’s go-to DJ for concerts, clubs, and corporate events. He has performed in front of audiences awaiting artists such as Jay-Z, Dave Chappelle, Eminem, Beyoncé, Snoop Dogg, Big Sean, Lupe Fiasco, J. Cole and A$AP Rocky, among others.

Over the years he’s become a celebrated fixture of Michigan’s music scene. In 2010 DJ Graffiti was voted “Best DJ in Detroit” by Real Detroit Weekly. Praised for his ability to play the right music at the right time, Graffiti can be found playing DJ sets that unite even the widest spectrum of attendees.

In addition to his DJ duties, the entrepreneur formally known as Martin L. Smith is an alum of both the University of Michigan Business and Law Schools.  As a marketing strategist he specializes in helping companies increase online engagement to improve their bottom-line goals.

Out of the ashes of the COVID-19 pandemic, DJ Graffiti found a passion for DJing virtual events for attendees across the globe. Since March of 2020 he has been invited to support livestreamed events by a growing list of clients including Google, Cisco, GitLab, Campbell’s, Nike, Dell and Intel.

In 2001 he co-founded a marketing company that grew to manage digital marketing campaigns for companies such as T-Mobile, Hennessy and Toyota. In 2015 the company re-branded as Overflow, a digital agency providing a comprehensive suite of marketing services to help businesses predictably and repeatedly acquire clients.

Whether music, business, or more regularly an abundance of both, Martin L. Smith aka DJ Graffiti is positioned to lead, while others take notes.