It's Going Down!

Here's a clip from a live virtual DJ Graffiti set.
The chat engagement was amazing and an appearance from my cutest fan never hurts!
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What Makes a DJ Graffiti Event So Special?

I've shared stages with artists like Beyoncé, Snoop Dogg, Dave Chappelle, Eminem, Big Sean and Jay-Z and been named the Best DJ in Detroit. Still, I'd say the corporate events I'm involved with today are the highlight of my career as a DJ.

Read on to find out why...

After completing business and law school, I gave DJing full time a shot, but realized I didn't want to be on the road constantly. I never stopped DJing, but shifted most of my energy to my marketing consulting agency, Overflow.

I couldn't admit it until now, but I'd started to accept that DJing was slipping away.

Snoop Dogg & DJ Graffiti

With Uncle Snoop back when it was cool to look hard.  We both smile more now. 🙂

Then enter COVID-19.

Locked down in my home, family, faith and my basement studio were the only getaways from the crazy ups and downs of 2020.

After my first virtual event, I realized it lifted all of our spirits, and created community in ways I'd never seen.

In 2021 I could no longer deny the success of my interactive events.

142+ events later and I'm "all-in." Today, bringing joy and engagement to corporate events is my sole focus.

In 2022 I DJed Amazon's first in person event "after" COVID. An in person event that was streamed to over 100,000 employees. Later that year I was invited back to DJ the AWS all hands.

I specialize in bringing interactive music experiences to internal team and customer facing events, SKO's, holiday celebrations and conferences.

Now, the variety of some virtual and some in person is perfect and helps me accommodate just about any client need. The following are not only possible, but normal:

  • Live or pre-recorded; in person, virtual (even a mixture of them all)
  • Playing at 12pm in North America, or 6am for EMEA & APAC
  • 1-hour celebrations, or a series of shorter brain breaks
  • Auditoriums or stadiums; Zoom, Hubilo or YouTube
  • From my studio, or travelling internationally
  • Multi-Day conference or 1-hour webinars
  • DJ, Host, Speaker or all of the above!

I couldn't have imagined the joy it would create to bring festival energy to Google, Nike, Campbell's, Cisco, Dropbox, Dell, GitLab, SAS and so many more amazing companies...

I've never seen a more interactive and inclusive experience.

Taking requests and interacting with guests in real time is exhilarating.

So much so that I created a mobile app called Togapa (Together + Apart) that allows me to bring the interactive experience of virtual events to in-person too!

It's hard to describe until you experience an interactive DJ Graffiti event.

You'll never go back!

The best way I can describe it is a party, motivational speech and therapeutic vacation wrapped in one. So many have said, "You don't know how much I needed this!"

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