It's Going Down!

I created this video for you, to share the vibe of a virtual DJ Graffiti set.
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What Makes a DJ Graffiti Virtual Event So Special?

I've shared stages with artists like Beyoncé, Snoop Dogg, Dave Chappelle, Eminem, Big Sean and Jay-Z and been named the Best DJ in Detroit. Still, I'd say virtual events are the highlight of my career as a DJ.

After completing business and law school, I gave DJing full time a shot, b
ut realized the lifestyle wasn't for me. I never stopped DJing, but shifted most of my energy to my digital marketing agency, Overflow.

I couldn't admit it until now, but I'd started to accept that DJing was slipping away...

Snoop Dogg & DJ Graffiti

With Uncle Snoop back when it was cool to look hard.  We both smile more now. 🙂

Then enter COVID-19.

Locked down in my home most of the time, family, faith and my basement studio have been my only getaways from the crazy ups and downs of 2020.

After playing my first virtual corporate event in April, I realized it lifted my spirits as much as it did everybody else's.

Every company I've done a virtual employee event for has booked another event within a month. Not sure how long I can keep that record going, but right now it's speaking volumes about how important these events are!

I've never been a part of a more interactive experience. Taking requests and interacting with guests in real time is exhilarating.

It's a party, therapy and vacation wrapped up in one. So many have said, "You don't know how much I needed this!"

How Does it Work?

After booking your event, you'll receive a live stream link in advance (YouTube, WebEx, or Zoom), that you can promote to your audience.
  • I'll start streaming about 5 minutes before our session and welcome guests as they join.
  • Requests and comments are highly encouraged via live chat.
  • Throughout the session I give shout-outs and respond to comments on the mic, while mixing a variety of fun music in with guest's requests.
  • My team is always developing new visual branding and audience engagement components. We're up for anything that makes the experience more memorable.
  • Use the button below to check availability and let's create an incredible event your guests will never forget!

It's Going Down!... Let's Go!